15,00 (excludes Vat)

CORDLESS GLUE GUN.  €15.00+vat (€18.45 vat included) 

Ideally suited for mending and tinkering.

Handy and indispensable – with the cordless glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V you can start your long planned minor repairs and improvements, delicate decorations and handicrafts right away. Effortlessly and cordlessly, you can bond components to turn them into a stable unit. Since the glue gun lies comfortably in the hand with its ergonomic design and low weight, you will be able to work quickly and precisely. And thanks to its automatic glue retraction mechanism, there is no risk of dripping glue.

Whether you like to do delicate handicrafts, are enthusiastic about model construction, want to carry out small repairs in the house quick and easily, fit skirting boards and decorative element, or repair joints – the glue gun PGGS 10-3.7V, which comes without an annoying cord, is just the right device for you. Why carry along a power cable if you can do without it?

The powerful 3.7 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge always provides the freedom of movement required for tinkering and repairing with the mobile glue gun. Insert the glue stick, switch on the device, and it will heat up to reach an operating temperature of up to 170 °C. After only one minute the device is ready for use and you can start right away – and solidly and permanently bond, for example, wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpet, seals and ceramic.

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